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S.A. Chakraborty

I’ve read reviews. You’re not supposed to but I was like, “I’m absolutely going to read reviews”. I’ve been a member of fandom my entire life [and] now I’m on the other side. This is awesome. I’m going to read all of the weird fan theories.

S.A. Chakraborty, PABOI Season 3 Episode 3
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Zareen Jaffery

“I think that change is on the horizon but of course when it comes to culture, literature and arts, what we’re up against is not just a year of books…of representation. We’re up against centuries of underrepresentation.”

– Zareen Jaffery, PABOI Season 2 Episode 5
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Jason Reynolds

[How] can we be creative and tell the stories of our children? How can we, sort of, buck the idea that literature has to look a certain way, that it has to be written a certain way, the pages, and the story, and the narrative […] it’s like there’s an archetype for literature, and I think that’s a problem, right? I think that writing is a creative art form. You have to remember that they call it creative writing because it’s actually supposed to be creative and that if it’s not creative, then we’re all doing ourselves a disservice …

– Jason Reynolds, PABOI Season 2 Episode 2