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Put An Enamel Pin On It – BONUS: Comics Reading List

These are the TCAF/VanCAF comics and zines mentioned on the Put An Enamel Pin On It podcast that can’t be found on Goodreads:

  • Cosmic Slop by Theodore Taylor III
  • Swan Song: The Music Anthology
  • throw me into the sea by Haeji Lee
  • Dash Dearborne and the Unexpected Earthman by Claire Napier
  • Win by Cynthia Cheng
  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space by Rosie Knight and Daniel Arruda Massa
  • Daddy Issues by Rosie Knight
  • Our Favourite Toronto Raccoons by Sophie Paas-Lang
  • #FirstWorldBobaProblems by Tiffany Le
  • Just Add Cilantro & Scallions by Tiffany Le
  • Midnight by Yuriy Plisenko and Karnessa
  • I Am Home by Cynthia Yuan Cheng
  • The Sky, the Kite, and the Sea by Heather Jacolbia
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The Teaser

This is the teaser episode of the podcast. Ardo and Yash discuss Spider-Man: Homecoming (2:30 -15:35), books and comics! No games this time around but you do get a 32 min teaser that was supposed to be 15 mins long! Oh and Ardo discovers new things about Yash.

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