Put A Blurb On It is a podcast that was started by pals and Check Please! fans, Ardo and Yash. They discuss the books they’ve been reading, issues in the industry and conduct interviews with folks like authors Jason Reynolds, S.A. Chakraborty, Cindy Pon and more.


Ardo Omer is a writer whose work can be found on the internet. She’s written two short comics: “SHIFT” with art by Katherine Olenic (Osgoode As Gold anthology), and “Uubato” with art by Shae Beagle, colours by Caitlin Quirk and letters by Nikki Powers (Wayward Kindred anthology). She’s also the Kids Coordinator at the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) and Yash’s personal cheerleader.

Yash Kesanakurthy is a full-time publishing assistant and part-time annoyer of Ardo. She currently works at Penguin Random House Canada, for the Young Readers imprints and feels like she both, reads too much and way too little. She is the author a few Book Riot articles, a lot of blogposts for The Book Wars, a handful of reviews for Shameless magazine, and two short comics with Annalise Jensen. She is currently working on longer fiction, though it’s more likely she’s trying to talk Ardo into listening to the Six of Crows audiobook.