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S3E8 – Put A Murder On It

Ardo and Yash discuss the books they’ve been reading in 2019 for the final time as the countdown to 2020 begins. 

  • Picture books (2:00)
  • Comics (4:17)
  • Young Adult (11:10)
  • Contemporary/Poetic (14:41)
  • Speculative Fiction (19:20)
  • Historical Fiction (29:43)
  • Nonfiction (31:27)
  • Book Focus: International Crime Fiction/Thrillers (38:46)

Ardo reviewed Teen Titans: Raven and Dear Justice League which you can read on Women Write About Comics.

You can find both Ardo and Yash’s comic projects here:

Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology Volume 2
Wayward Kindred anthology

The logo was designed by Nick Hanover. The theme song and break music is from Haris Qureshi’s song Give AF. You can find his album here. Everything mention in the episode can be found on Goodreads. You can also find the podcast on Twitter and Instagram at @PutABlurbOnIt.

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